Equipment, Products and Services

Dukinfield Induction Heating Services Ltd specialises soleley in the design, manufacture and repair of a wide range of induction heating coils, quenches, furnace coils, RF & MF transformers, HF busbars, flexible power leads, crank shaft inductors, billet heating boxes, chokes, laminated coils and intensified coils, for use on a worldwide range of generators including,  Solid State, Radyne, Wild Barfield, Crossley, EMA Tocco, Inductoheat Banyard, Cheltenham, AEG and Delapina generators,   including the latest state of the art equipment

Our Products range from 13mm intensified coils to 4 metre long billet coils for heating 130mm billets.  Our products and services are used in a broad spectrum of industries including, automotive, supply chain, power generation and offshore applications.


- Annealing
- Bending  
- Hardening
- Heating  
- Melting
- Curing  
- Drying
- Tempering  
- Soldering
- Getter Firing  
- Upsetting
- Forging  
- Thread Locking
- Heat Shrinking

We manufacture inductors to harden the following components

- Axle Shafts
- Crankshafts
- Camshafts
- Halfshafts
- Shafts(single shot)
- Gears 
- Constant Velocity
- Joints Sockets  
- Pins
- Bores  
- Blades
- Selector Forks